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Engine Overhaul

Engines rely on tight tolerances to operate efficiently and effectively. Lose those critical tolerances and the ability of your engine falls by the wayside. A gradual loss in power over the course of years and thousands and thousands of miles is to be expected and falls into the category of wear and tear.

A rapid or immediate loss of power can indicate a major failure and should be addressed quickly. Usually, an immediate change comes with other symptoms like rough running or noises. If you’re experiencing this type of trouble, get it into West Street Servicenter now, and it might be a good idea to tow it in as opposed to risking catastrophic and expensive damage by driving it any longer.

An engine replacement is necessary once the engine is worn out i.e. high mileage, blowing blue smoke, rattling and rough.

We offer an option to buy a new or remanufactured motor rather than a complete rebuild. It maybe cheaper to simply swap out your motor and keep your car rather than buying a new vehicle.

We will help guide you through the options so you can make the right decision based upon your vehicle and your budget.