Rachel Davis Avatar
Rachel Davis

positive review  just want to give a shout out for their flexibility and how personable the towing staff are. my kids were super happy and excited this... read more 8/13/2019

Diane Vega Avatar
Diane Vega

West st service does reliable work. We've known them for 30 years! 8/23/2018

Edward Gravel Avatar
Edward Gravel

I have to say Thanks to West st. Service Station I am able to get back on the road again . They have the... read more 4/05/2016

Donna Bustin Avatar
Donna Bustin

they were able to get my car in much earlier than expected and it was done in the same day. Parts were right there. They... read more 4/23/2019

Robert Swartz Avatar
Robert Swartz

I have been doing business with West St Service Center for over twenty years. They take care of three of my vehicles. When they have... read more 7/23/2018

Kendal Royer Avatar
Kendal Royer

positive review  Best service around! Would absolutely recommend 7/12/2019

Jessica Dodge Avatar
Jessica Dodge

Great honest people work here 8/23/2018

Pat Fitzpatrick Sylvester Avatar
Pat Fitzpatrick Sylvester

We love west St servicenter. Always great service. They are the best. 12/27/2017

ChrystalBrosseau TroyGoguen Avatar
ChrystalBrosseau TroyGoguen

Great people, great place to go, I recommend them to everyone I know! 1/21/2015

Jen Brodeur Banda Avatar
Jen Brodeur Banda

Dave has been servicing our cars for the past 13 years. Dependable, honest, and very reasonable! 8/27/2015

Rebecca Sanborn Grover Avatar
Rebecca Sanborn Grover

So on Saturday my cars ball joint snapped and nobody else was open so I thought.. but west street has after hours towing and let... read more 1/23/2018

Paul Robichaud Avatar
Paul Robichaud

Great place to go. Very fair and professional.Thank you.. 6/23/2019