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Due to the Corona Virus Advisory our waiting area is closed and we are operating on an appointment basis. Please call us to make an appointment for your car repair and inspection needs. We will return to regular business hours once this emergency passes. We are still providing 24 hour towing and roadside assistance.

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  • Tootie AvatarTootie

    West st service does reliable work. We've known them for 30 years! - 1/14/2019 

  • Dougie Ernesto AvatarDougie Ernesto

    Fast and friendly service - 6/30/2020 

  • Sandra Baleno AvatarSandra Baleno

    Got tow quick - 10/31/2019 

  • Becky Songer AvatarBecky Songer

    Quality work every time, willing to consider and accommodate individual circumstances, respectful and kind, always take the time to explain... read more - 5/31/2020 

  • Steve Holmes AvatarSteve Holmes

    Good people friendly and the girl behind the counter is cute as a button - 12/31/2019 

  • John Hochard AvatarJohn Hochard

    Quality work done at a fair price by friendly honest people.What more could you ask for? - 1/14/2016 

  • Robert Swartz AvatarRobert Swartz

    Best techs in Gardner - 7/23/2018 

  • Kernan Krieger AvatarKernan Krieger

    The lady at the front desk is really nice and genuine and makes u feel like a human being and... read more - 1/14/2017 

  • Billy Cantrell AvatarBilly Cantrell

    Great job thank you - 11/30/2019 

  • Lee Lawrence AvatarLee Lawrence

    best place for FORDS around. Call west street first, and you won't have to call anyone else, call NOW, as... read more - 1/14/2018 

  • Tracy Draleau AvatarTracy Draleau

    Excellent service, professional, and great people who let you know what is needed!! - 12/23/2018 

  • John Zehring AvatarJohn Zehring

    Easy to get quick appointment, excellent service, reasonable prices, nice people. Not a great waiting area but worth it... read more - 5/23/2019 

  • Rebecca Sanborn Grover AvatarRebecca Sanborn Grover

    So on Saturday my cars ball joint snapped and nobody else was open so I thought.. but west street has... read more - 1/23/2018 

  • Eric Schatzlein AvatarEric Schatzlein

    Dave, thanks for great service. As always youbdid a wonderful job doing the alignment on my BMW. - 9/30/2020 

  • susan Dusoe Avatarsusan Dusoe

    Very courteous and polite - 12/31/2019 

  • Robert parisi AvatarRobert parisi

    Great friendly people and great service at awesome prices - 10/14/2020 

  • Chris Cenotti AvatarChris Cenotti

    I've been using West St Service for a few years now and they are the best service shop I've used.... read more - 1/14/2016 

  • Donna Bustin AvatarDonna Bustin

    they were able to get my car in much earlier than expected and it was done in the same day.... read more - 4/23/2019 

  • Robert Swartz AvatarRobert Swartz

    I have been doing business with West St Service Center for over twenty years. They take care of three of... read more - 7/23/2018 

  • Dan Sullivan AvatarDan Sullivan

    Good place for alignment. - 12/31/2019 

  • Nick Babin AvatarNick Babin

    Great communication every step of the way, top notch work, always done on time or ahead of schedule, been going... read more - 1/14/2016 

  • Billy Boy AvatarBilly Boy

    They have to have the cleanest shop floor I've ever seen. That kinda shows the quality of the work they... read more - 3/31/2020 

  • Jeremy Johnston AvatarJeremy Johnston

    I brought my vehicle in for some diagnostic services (heard a rattling and suspected I needed new brakes). I was... read more - 1/09/2021 

  • C DAV AvatarC DAV

    I had my 99 beetle towed to West St Service Center fully expecting to pay upwards of $350 for an... read more - 1/14/2016 

  • Stacy Scharf AvatarStacy Scharf

    Great service! - 1/14/2021 

  • David Bettez AvatarDavid Bettez

    Great people. Very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. - 9/30/2020 

  • Stephen Foster AvatarStephen Foster

    I am happy with repairs to my vehicle and the cost. Glad I chose them. - 6/23/2019 

  • Pat Fitzpatrick Sylvester AvatarPat Fitzpatrick Sylvester

    We love west St servicenter. Always great service. They are the best. - 12/27/2017 

  • Sanad Ishtiwi AvatarSanad Ishtiwi

    Everyone there is so nice and knowledgeable. I never feel uncomfortable when there or asking questions. Thanks!!! - 12/14/2020 

  • edward vipond Avataredward vipond

    They always do an excellent job. - 7/31/2020 

  • Paul Robichaud AvatarPaul Robichaud

    Great place to go. Very fair and professional.Thank you.. - 6/23/2019 

  • Amanda Melinchuk AvatarAmanda Melinchuk

    Great place. I feel like I can really trust these guys. - 10/31/2019 

  • Rich Merrill AvatarRich Merrill

    I had some minor service work done at West Street Servicenter a while back and felt totally comfortable with the... read more - 1/14/2015 

  • Brad Howes AvatarBrad Howes

    They may not be the most inexpensive service station but they fix what you ask them to fix, the first... read more - 10/31/2019 

  • Thoms Dunn AvatarThoms Dunn

    Quick in and out service absolutely the best. - 5/31/2020 

  • ChrystalBrosseau TroyGoguen AvatarChrystalBrosseau TroyGoguen

    Great people, great place to go, I recommend them to everyone I know! - 1/21/2015 

  • Craig Bassett AvatarCraig Bassett

    Thank u Dave, you bailed me out big time. Your guys r the best, from the quick tow and quick... read more - 7/02/2019 

  • Tina White AvatarTina White

    Always great service & great employees. Thank you! - 2/01/2016 

  • Nichole Bakir AvatarNichole Bakir

    Best shop in town by far! - 1/14/2016 

  • Michael Currie AvatarMichael Currie

    Bring your car/truck here. They are great, knowledgeable, and honest. - 1/14/2017 

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