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  • Daniel J. Landry AvatarDaniel J. Landry

    Great company they will stand by the work they do. This is a full service shop that also has a... read more - 7/23/2019 

  • Edward Gravel AvatarEdward Gravel

    I have to say Thanks to West st. Service Station I am able to get back on the road... read more - 4/05/2016 

  • Craig Bassett AvatarCraig Bassett

    Thank u Dave, you bailed me out big time. Your guys r the best, from the quick tow and quick... read more - 7/02/2019 

  • Donna Bustin AvatarDonna Bustin

    they were able to get my car in much earlier than expected and it was done in the same day.... read more - 4/23/2019 

  • Diane Vega AvatarDiane Vega

    West st service does reliable work. We've known them for 30 years! - 8/23/2018 

  • Chuck Husselbee AvatarChuck Husselbee

    positive review  Locked myself out of my truck and received fast professional service! They had me back in the truck and going... read more - 9/05/2019 

  • Paul Robichaud AvatarPaul Robichaud

    Great place to go. Very fair and professional.Thank you.. - 6/23/2019 

  • Talibah Chin AvatarTalibah Chin

    positive review  They are just the best my second time visiting and I have no complaints job well done just tell them... read more - 10/13/2018 

  • Kyndyl Rikard Greyland AvatarKyndyl Rikard Greyland

    Very nice. EXTREMELY good prices.. and very helpful in answering questions. the receptionist is very nice. - 8/03/2015 

  • Tracy Draleau AvatarTracy Draleau

    Excellent service, professional, and great people who let you know what is needed!! - 12/23/2018 

  • Jen Brodeur Banda AvatarJen Brodeur Banda

    Dave has been servicing our cars for the past 13 years. Dependable, honest, and very reasonable! - 8/27/2015 

  • Stephen Foster AvatarStephen Foster

    I am happy with repairs to my vehicle and the cost. Glad I chose them. - 6/23/2019 

  • Kendal Royer AvatarKendal Royer

    positive review  Best service around! Would absolutely recommend - 7/12/2019 

  • Rachel Davis AvatarRachel Davis

    positive review  just want to give a shout out for their flexibility and how personable the towing staff are. my kids were... read more - 8/13/2019 

  • Rebecca Sanborn Grover AvatarRebecca Sanborn Grover

    So on Saturday my cars ball joint snapped and nobody else was open so I thought.. but west street has... read more - 1/23/2018 

  • Tina White AvatarTina White

    Always great service & great employees. Thank you! - 2/01/2016 

  • John Zehring AvatarJohn Zehring

    Easy to get quick appointment, excellent service, reasonable prices, nice people. Not a great waiting area but worth it... read more - 5/23/2019 

  • Robert Swartz AvatarRobert Swartz

    I have been doing business with West St Service Center for over twenty years. They take care of three of... read more - 7/23/2018 

  • Pat Fitzpatrick Sylvester AvatarPat Fitzpatrick Sylvester

    We love west St servicenter. Always great service. They are the best. - 12/27/2017 

  • Jessica Dodge AvatarJessica Dodge

    Great honest people work here - 8/23/2018 

  • Robert Swartz AvatarRobert Swartz

    Best techs in Gardner - 7/23/2018 

  • ChrystalBrosseau TroyGoguen AvatarChrystalBrosseau TroyGoguen

    Great people, great place to go, I recommend them to everyone I know! - 1/21/2015 

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